Hi, l am Nwukor Matilda Onyi I'm a digital network marketing strategist. Trainer. Wealth coach. Serial enterprenuer Am the Pioneer of the gofasttrackmlm movement ( which is... A private community of professional network marketers that are building their MLM business DIFFERENTLY and CEO of Magnifique Consult ltd (, which is Nigerian based online courses business marketing & training agency for network marketers and business owners . Since launching gofasttrack mlm some months ago, we've trained over 500 network marketers from different countries And I've had the good pleasure of working with network marketers in different levels across popular MLM companies in Nigeria to build their network marketing businesses... I've worked with... Struggling network marketers 6-figure monthly earners 7-figure monthly earners and even 8-figure monthly earners I have consulted for and held strategy sessions with both diverse MLM leaders... At gofasttrackers team marketing we endeavor to pull our resources together to help each other achieve greatness in network marketing business

Thinking Beyond 9-5 Jobs & Building Extra Income Streams

Our Focus: FAMILY. FORTUNE. FITNESS Hello friends, building a second stream of income has never been more imperative before now, as it is in our times right now. ¬†With so many things begging for funding attention, we must all find a way of thinking beyond 9-5 jobs and on building extra income streams. At gofasttrackmlm …

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