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Growing a global team of successful network marketing teams is our FOCUS.

About Us

We are  focused on network marking team growth. Solving the major issues of network marketing professionals, which is finding persons to recruit into their teams to help them earn high commissions on multi levels based on their chosen company marketing plan.

To support our team, we employ the beehive marketing strategy plan to help everyone achieve more, by building a team as one.

Interested team members join up and are put into the team after they have filled the application form and made payments for their desired products investment levels on our chosen company’s marketing plans.

Why network Marketing?

Love it or hate it, multi-level marketing is a big business. More than 18 million Americans and 100 million people in other countries of the world, are involved in MLM or direct selling businesses, according to the Direct Selling Association. (While MLMs and direct sales aren’t exactly the same thing, 95% of all direct sales companies use a multi-level compensation structure,

Joining an MLM is appealing to many, since it offers freedom and flexibility, plus the promise of big earning potential.


Raising network marketing top earning giants in the industry with great team support in this business of the 21st century via online marketing and team building.


Raising awareness of this great business opportunity presented by network marketing to help develop a second stream of income For forward thinking individuals.

Thinking Beyond 9-5 Jobs and more Income streams


hello friends, building a second stream of online based income has never been more imperative before now, and the new normal we find ourselves, as it is in our times right now. with so many things begging for funding attention, we must all find a way of thinking beyond 9-5 jobs and income.

At Gofasttrackmlm team network marketing, we pool our efforts together to achieve from a product driven network marketing company.

You register with our team, fill out our chosen company application form, invest in your products for personal use or sell, we position you in the team for Financial freedom and weekly credit alerts, as we help build your team.

We ensure Duplication nation, as you join us.

Irrespective of the country you are in, you can be a member

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You Desire to build a highly profitable International Product network marketing team business without stress??

Then Gofasttrack Norland Synergy Team is the right way to go now!, we Sponsor/place downlines in your team as you Register with any of these Products packages N50k, N87k, N160k, N350k, N700k or N1.350m and support our social media adverts marketing

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MLM Success

many successful, network marketers businesses might not be easily traced, because

Teaming up with others, means early success for you and them.

they don’t have a shop or office space. but they make a lot of money from team marketing, courtesy of their MLM company compensation plans.

The Beehive Strategy Concept

This is an ‘income strategy’, the Beehive Strategy doesn’t have any products or compensation plan within itself. Instead, the strategy is designed to be attached to existing MLM business opportunities with the idea of making the most out of recruitment bonuses and monthly product purchase bonuses  in order to maximize the financial returns of its members.

That is to say within the Beehive Strategy, everyone is placed on an internal matrix first (separate to the matrix used by the MLM company being utilized at any given particular time to ensure their team success), along with any recruits they sponsor.

Gofasttrackmlm Beehive Strategy


For members joining the Beehive Strategy, the only basic requirement is that they go out and recruit only three persons in the life of their MLM journey.

Being a business however, whilst this is ideal it is acknowledged that this is doable by everyone, in a traditional MLM compensation plan structure the people you directly sponsor make up your direct genealogy, the Beehive Strategy caps you at three direct recruits and uses any additional recruits (whether you personally sponsor them or not) to fill up your other teams matrix within the spillover function of our chosen MLM network companies.

The fundamental principle is to bring in only three or four people for every person who joins the Gofasttrackers Beehive Strategy system and for as long as this is duplicated, people will earn money.

Our Plan is to help every one earn, as we help them sponsor 2 persons directly with the floods of persons that come on board the Gofasttrack train, and place hundreds of team members in their downlines to ensure growth.




  • We sponsor/place people on your team.
  • Your Products Purchase, validates your registration.
  • Free marketing system.
  • Free  Products to use
  • Team advertising.
  • International earning Opportunities.
  • Killer compensation plan.
  • Get paid instantly, weekly, monthly, yearly and forever!
  • international Travels, Cars and housing incentives abound!

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Power of T.E.A.M

Working as a team, supports your growth in the MLM compensation Plan and ensures continuous success

Together we build

Together – together we build, to last a great network marketing team to help us all get top results

Get Positioned

Everyone – everyone in Gofasttrackmlm team is not cut off, but rather is considered for success and positioned within the team to earn.

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